Mercedes C63 Hits a Tree – How Not To Drive

Driving a powerful RWD car with over 503 horsepower with every stability control off is really a stupid idea especially if one wants to drift in a public road. CarSpotterQVS, a youtuber filmed this video during the weekend which shows a man behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG C63 S Sedan who is trying to impress the audience after leaving a car show at the Rotterdam Ahoy. The video is filmed in the Netherlands.

You may have seen this kind of incident several times before, if it is not your first time on the internet. It goes without saying that “money cannot buy you skills” and it is proven again, the driver could control the powerful RWD “machine” and smashed the AMG’s right side in the corner. However what matters the most is that both the driver and the front passenger were able to get safe and sound out of the vehicle.

Of course it is obvious that this kind of slam has damaged much the vehicle’s bodywork and as seen from the video the rear suspension too. The wheel is curbed, the fuel cap is missing the whole rear panel and door is gone for good. not to mention how many airbags may have deployed. This kind of damage seems that will cost a lot to get it fixed, if they insurance does not decide to write it off already.

As the video ends, an Audi A6 police car arrives at the scene and closes part of the road, until the tow truck arrives and takes away the poor C63.

Source: CarSpotterQVS / YouTube

Written by James M.


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