Dubai Ambulance Service now has a GT-R & Corvette

You know Dubai has a whole different lifestyle when supercars are no less than daily drivers. You can find there those crazy skyscrapers, a city which is between a desert and the ocean. But how much crazier can it get? If you do not already know, the police force, its fleet has even supercars, so don’t even think of getting away with your “fast” car, you do not want to mess with them as we are sure that they will catch you! Can you imagine though a Nissan GT-R ambulance or even a Corvette?

In line with the World Heart Day this September, The Indian Consulate in Dubai, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services…

Publiée par ‎Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Services – اسعاف دبي‎ sur Jeudi 26 septembre 2019

"موقف بطولي لمنتسبة برنامج الطب الطارئ قامت به الطالبة فاطمة النقي على متن طائرة قادمة إلى دبي، أثمر عن إنقاذ مريض كان…

Publiée par ‎Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Services – اسعاف دبي‎ sur Vendredi 6 septembre 2019

You might say that they don’t have enough space to carry and transfer a patient, but they can get there faster though and that’s why Dubai Corporation picked up these two superfast emergency vehicles for Ambulance Service. The main responsibility is obviously not to load patients but to be a mobile first-response vehicles for critical patients as they can reach the destination about 4-8 minutes faster that a normal ambulance. At least that is what the ambulance service’s report says. These two cars most of the time will be moving though tourist areas and be at select sport events.

These cars can really come in handy as there are times when saving a life comes down to minutes or even seconds. Not just looking cool but also helping people and saving lives!

Source: Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Service

Written by James M.


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