AMG models now with Emotion Start – Angry exhaust!

Does your super powerful AMG car sounds lame when it starts up? No problem, now Mercedes has a new feature called “Emotion Start” which comes as standard on all new AMG models and makes your car sound better and louder at startup (sorry neighbors!) .

Basically the Emotion Start leaves the exhaust flaps open and increases the engine revs when you turn the car on. All you have to do is pull and hold one of the paddle shifters (upshift or downshift paddle – whichever you want) right before you push the start/stop button. Now enjoy the exhaust note of your car coming from your engine through all four exhaust tips.

But do know that, when the emotion startup is complete, the exhaust valves close automatically. So don’t get surprised when it gets quite a bit later! You can however, press manually on the center dash the exhaust button in order to keep your car sounding “angry” and loud.

Whether it is the 4.0 liter V8 with 469, 510 hp or 2.0 l on cla, gla and a class models, this mode increases the engine’s rpm about 200-400 making it reach 2100-2200rpm which makes a noticeable difference from the normal start up (over 1800rpm). If you want though, to show off and give a “little” more gas to your car and hear the engine screaming, you are out of luck. That’s because while stationary there is a rev limiter to 4000rpm.

So is this feature really a thing to get excited when buying a new AMG car? Among other things, surely it can be considered as a funny quirk!
Here also a video from youtube channel Matty231 regarding our post.

Written by James M.


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