Crazy 1000 HP Audi R8 V10 BiTurbo reaches a top speed of 346km/h!

The Audi R8 V10 is already a crazy middle-engine supercar which can reach 0-100km/h in just 3.2 seconds with it’s engine pushing 610hp and 560NM of torque. However for the guys from Klasen-Motors this is not enough, that’s why they have converted this NA engine to a BiTurbo and tuning it to a crazy 1000hp supercar!

Now the car has 850 NM of torque which resulted in reducing its 0-100 acceleration time to just 3 seconds and taking it’s top speed to another level! As you can see from the video, even the 100-200 km/h acceleration is brutal and it takes to have some guts to drive this beast in the Autobahn. But you may already know that the team from AutoTopNL don’t mind at all, testing any car on Autobahn’s unrestricted section.

Many people consider it silly to tune the R8 with not much to gain due its having a natural aspirated engine, however when you put 2 big turbos the game changes and you have a killer-supercar especially if you know how to tune it right.

Some details regarding the second generation Audi R8

The last generation Audi R8 was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show sharing the same Modular Sports System platform with the Lamborghini Huracàn. The second generation R8 dropped the manual transmission as well as the V8 trim unlike the predecessor model which had both. The Type 4S (model code) initial coupe models included the V10 5.2 FSI engine and later in 2016 the convertible (Spyder) variant was available for purchase. One year later the Spyder was also available with the V10 Plus.

Talking numbers, the V10 has over 540 PS with 540 NM of torque and the V10 plus 610PS with 560NM of torque. In 2018 the R8 received a major facelift in it’s mechanical and exterior features. The newer model carries out the more aggressive design which Audi other latest models share. You can also spot some aerodynamic features in the front which you will also find in the Huracàn. Regardless, these design changes are not just cosmetic but they do really provide substantial performance improvements over the pre-facelift models.

Source: AutoTopNL

Written by James M.


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